Republican National Convention
18 – 21, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio

Convention Highlights
from the Georgia Delegation

Published on the Republican Women of Hall Website



Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump!

Listen to Trump's full speech.


Thank you, Cleveland!
View list of 2016 delegates to Republican National Convention from Georgia (from AJC)

The Republican National Committee (RNC) said that the convention hosted approximately 2,470 delegates and 2,302 alternate delegates from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five territories.

Trump and Pence thank RNC Volunteers in Cleveland

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Christians who don’t like Donald Trump: 
Read excellent article.

Many thanks to all of the Delegates/Alternates from Georgia who shared hundreds of great photos
made at the convention. 
This group of photos below were made by Brad Hughes, GA GOP Political Director. GREAT job Brad!  Click on thumb nail photos to enlarge.


  • Georgia Federation of Republican Women at the RNC in Cleveland

  • (Below) Report from the Republican National Convention to Gwinnett County Republican Women by convention delegate Rachel Little - August 8, 2016 - at Club meeting in Suwanee, GA.


    (Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge)

    Very enjoyable meeting Monday night with the Gwinnett Republican Women in Suwanee at the Suwanee Park Tavern. Great program with Rachel Little who gave an update on the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Rachel was a delegate from Gwinnett County and the 7th Congressional District. (Rachel is in the blue dress.)


Left: Many thanks to GA GOP Chairman John Padgett, new GA National Committeewomen to the RNC Ginger Howard and Randy Evans, GA National Committeeman to the RNC.  They have put in many hours of work on this Convention by serving on the RNC Board.


Ginger Howard, the newly elected GA National Committeewoman to the RNC is official now and ready to work for Georgia on the RNC board.




  • From GA Delegate Scott Johnson of Cobb County
Thursday evening was the final night of the  National Convention
in Cleveland. It is also the night when at every political convention, the nominee formally accepts the
Party’s nomination and makes the big speech. But first there is always the series of speakers...
Thank you to the men and women in blue who protected us last week. God Bless you and your families
. #BlueLivesMatter
—with Rachel Little
  • Charlice Byrd - Delegate from Cobb County, GA

A great big thank you to the Men and Women in law enforcement across this country for protecting us during our visit to Cleveland.

They did an amazing job



    *Below: Alternate Delegate Nancy Burton of the GA 14th Congressional District - Walker Co.

    HANK YOU Cleveland for safety every second of the visit!~
    I am grateful for all your hospitality and attention to details.
    Cleveland people are great and caring. Food and museums wonderful. Lake Erie breezes super! Airport was easy and friendly and safe coming and going. Huber gave us travelers safe rides to hotel. Our Georgia Delegation Hotel, Holiday Inn Clinic was exceptional, well trained friendly people 24 hours a day! Even folks in the grocery store were interested and welcomed us. Our sponsors were super at every event-Thank you.
    Georgia GOP Rocks!  --
    Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge.

  •  GA Delegates on the floor having fun!   Below left:  Alton Russell, Delegate from GA  
    Right: B.J. Van Van Gundy of Gwinnett County, GA.

  • GA Delegates in Cleveland at RNC  -- Carol Mahoney of Hall County in middle - Rose Wing of Cobb County on right.   Carol is a member of our RW of Hall.




Delegation Breakfast

Carol Mahoney
is also a member
of the RW
of Hall






Above:  Carol Mahoney at GA Delegation Breakfast with Congressman Doug Collins and some fine officers with GA State patrol.

Left: Carol Mahoney at welcome party.

A huge welcome party in downtown Cleveland on the water front and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for delegates, alternates and guests. Lots and lots of music, delicious food and drinks. Beautiful evening and weather. Spectacular fireworks. So much fun! Such memories with the music...felt so young... every one was so friendly and nice. Cleveland has done an outstanding and amazing job. A wonderful first day and evening. Thank you Security and Clevelan

  • Thank you to the men and women in blue who protected us last week. God Bless you and your families. #BlueLivesMatter — with Rachel Little and Debbie Whelchel of Gwinnett County, GA.


Left: Delegates from up in the 14th District of GA

Photo by Doug Grammar (top right).
Nancy Burton in big hat. Not sure of other
names.  Thanks for sharing!
  • Photos below shared by Ginger Howard, Georgia's new National Committeewoman to RNC

Ginger Howard's photo.

Ginger Howard's photo. Ginger Howard's photo.
1. Above:  Randy Evans (Trump face)     2. Ginger and friend  on convention floor   3. Adam Pipkin, GAGOP Executive Director and Brad Hughes, GA GOP Political Director on convention floor.                              

         Message from GinGinger Howard's photo.ger Howard

I have to say these last two weeks rank in top 10 of my life.

The people of Cleveland and our law enforcement from all over were the best I've ever encountered. My new family members of the RNC were gracious and welcoming. My own Georgia GOP delegation along with our amazing staff members Brad Hughes, Adam Pipkin, Karen Wagstaff Hentschel, Lisa Carr Kinnemore, Leonardo Smith and our chairman John Padgett were outstanding.

I slept 15 hours last night I was so tired. But I'm recharging to help get our entire GOP ticket elected in November, and I'm looking forward to serving you as your National Committeewoman.
(Alec Poitivent spotted in above photo. )

  • Bruce Azevedo - GA 9th District Chairman on the convention floor with the Georgia Delegation.


 Balloon Drop Thursday night.  click on following link


Grammy Award-winning recording artist Larry Gatlin wrote "Stand Up and Say So" for
"Hillary's America."


  • David Guldenschuh added 3 new photos to the album: 2016 Republican National Convention —
    at Downtown Cleveland Yesterday .
    Got to spend a historic week in Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention. I
    blogged for the Rome News Tribune, gave live daily updates to John Druckenmiller/WRGA,
    and posted to the Floyd County Republican Party FB page. Saw lots of old friends and met
    many new ones. It was one of the best


Thanks to Debbie McCord for
sharing this photo of Brian
Kemp speaking at the GA
Delegation breakfast



Left: Another great political
cartoon by our conservative 
cartoonist, Rick McKee of
Augusta, GA
  • GREAT video of a day in the life of a RNC delegate -- Hall County's Ashley Bell. He has
    been busy working on TV on CNN and also on Fox covering the convention. His wife Lauren Bell is the president of our RW of Hall Club. GOOD JOB, ASHLEY!  Click on photo below.


RNC in Cleveland - Wednesday Night
Ashley Bell, delegate from Hall County, GA,
on at Fox News at 1 a.m. winding up the 
evening. Keep up the good work, Ashley.
  • Below:  Ashley and Lauren Bell of Gainesville, Georgia, at the Convention in Cleveland.
    Ashley is a convention delegate. Lauren is President of the Republican Women of Hall.

RNC July 20, 2016

Mike Pence
speaks last and accepts the nomination for Vice

He brought the house down with his awesome speech. He
has it all --currently Governor of his state. I feel that God sent
him to us since he will be such an asset to the success of this
campaign in November.

Photo was sent by Ginger Howard, our new GA National
Committeewoman to the RNC.
  • GOP Still Puts God Front and Center
    The GOP comes together and seeks God’s guidance for our lives. Let’s see next week if the
    Democrat Party does the same thing. Watch this powerful prayer by Pastor Mark Burns from
    the Harvest Praise & Worship Center. Click here to read more and view the video.
CLEVELAND – Nearly one-quarter of the African-American delegates at the Republican


  • Below: GA GOP Secretary Kirk Shook and
    his wife -last night of the convention on the
    convention floor with the GA delegation.


  • Below: Debbie McCord, GA GOP 2nd
    Vice Chairman

    Look who I found hanging with the Georgia Delegation :)


  • Below: Ashley Bell, Delegate from Hall County. Good to be back with the gang here in CLEVELAND.


Phyllis Schlafly
Click on photo to read.



  • Representative Buzz Brockway of Gwinnett at the convention taking many great photos:  Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge. This is only a small sampling of his 64 photos. See how many  of these people you recognize.

  • Cleveland Division of Police releases an RNC thank you video that will give you chills!
    Click on photo below to view the video.


    So proud of our Ashley Bell. He is really working double duty-- at Republican Convention  last week and now covering the Democrat Convention.  Be sure to read this article in the Gainesville Times.

    As a black Republican, Gainesville attorney and former Hall County commissioner, Ashley Bell is in a unique position to address criminal justice reform — which has ...


  • Convention message from Andrew Turnage, Immediate past Chairman of the 9th District of GA.
    Haters gonna hate - I'll vote Republican no matter what.


Obama's complete and utter disregard for Domestic Islamic Terrorism claiming the lives of America's war...riors in Chattanooga goes without mention as he hands Iran the keys to the nukes. Somebody pinch me! This has to be a nightmare, not reality in my country! Meanwhile over the past several weeks the only thing the media allows to make news seems to be an attempt to assert Donald Trump as the presumed Republican nominee. As I put on a Donald Trump tie this morning, I realized that what the media paints as the idiot of the Republican party is actually an attempt to cover up and distract from what the Republican field of candidates brings to the table in the greatest crisis this generation of Americans has seen for faith, freedom, economy, and national security. Truth is, Republicans have that edgy, self reliant, spontaneous, razor wit, problem solving, independent, resolve means no is not an option right now kind of energy America is starving for and grows weak without. I know the haters are already reading this hating. I don't care (see previous sentence for Republican attitude). Republicans insist flags fly at half staff when Marines are slaughtered in our streets. Republicans don't negotiate with terrorists. Republicans know they don't know it all and aren't afraid to both call on God for wisdom, and defend other's rights to believe otherwise. Republicans believe spending into oblivion to the tune of Greece or eighteen trillion dollars, along with every other failed experiment of socialism isn't the answer. Republicans believe family is the cornerstone of civilization and should never be under attack by the government. So, at the end of the day next March, I don't care if the Republican nominee that emerges has the most wicked comb over in history, the attitude of a five year old high on Coke and Skittles, or the bank roll of a railroad baron. I know a Republican will fight to protect our borders and cities, will defend our churches and families, and proudly pledge to our flag and publicly pray for our country. What's the other party have to offer? I'm Republican proud wearing my Donald Trump tie today.
  • Trump Possible Cabinet Members - July 28, 2016

  • The convention rallying cry! by our favorite conservative cartoonist -  Rick McKee of Augusta, GA

Good bye, Cleveland.  It was a GREAT convention. Many thanks to all the delegates and alternates
who served at the convention.


Just in July 27, 2016 from the crazy DNC


July 29, 2015
This one says it all

July 29, 2016
Another great cartoon by Rick McKee of Augusta Chronicle!



A good description of the fighting at the Dem Convention




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