American Library Association (ALA)

One of the criteria used for school library acquisitions are recommendations from the ALA. Also remember one of the criteria was that the acquisition should be in line with community standards.

The newly elected ALA President, Emily Drabinski, has published her mission and platform at the following website.

You are encouraged to click on the above link and read Ms. Drabinski’s vision and platform. Under the caption of “Equity as action” see if that describes this community standards.

Equity as action.

Social and economic justice and racial equity requires that we make a material difference in the lives of library workers and patrons who have for too long been denied power and opportunity on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, national origin, spoken language, and disability. As ALA president, I will direct resources and opportunities to a diverse cross section of the association and advance a public agenda that puts organizing for justice at the center of library work.


Hall county is in the GA 9th District, one of the most conservative districts in the State.

A fair question, “Do you believe the ALA to be an organization that is representative of GA 9th District values?”

It is the recommendation of the RWHEC that ALA library recommendations for Hall County school libraries, and neighboring counties, be discontinued. Find an alternate source for school library acquisition recommendations.

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