GA Obscenity Law

What the Official Code of GA has to say about obscenity

Found in OCGA 16-12-103 – see (a) (2)

LIBRARY EXEMPTION – excludes school libraries from the obscenity law

May be found in OCGA 16-12-104


NOTE: The Library Exemption was codified in 1984

The RWHEC would like to know who in their correct state of mind would exempt grades K-12 from OCGA 16-12-103?

You and I may be arrested for giving a minor a particular book, but the school library is exempt from the law, and may very well have that same book as part of their collection. Think about that!

It is the recommendation of RWHEC that GA lawmakers MUST be petitioned to remove grades K-12 from OCGA 16-12-104

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