Meeting this Saturday Jan 15th at 9am Meet & Greet, 9:30 Meeting!

January 15th, Sweet Magnolia’s, 118 Main St., Gainesville, 9AM Meet and Greet, 9:30AM Meeting

This will be our first meeting of the year.  Come join us as we  outline our plans for the new year, plans to take back Congress and to encourage our Candidates on to Victory!

We have a surprise for you!   One of our own, Ralph DeKemper (Mr. 100!!), will give us a presentation on“Team Building”.  Ralph, formerly with Rockwell, has a unique concept to share with our membership and guests.  The Republican Party has always been accused of being divided.  Let’s hear (from) Ralph on how we can all become a “Team” to bring Congress back to Republican RED”!!

See you Saturday!


Betty Freeman Fisher

President, RWH

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