RNC Hispanic Community Center Grand Opening in Suwanee

Sharing more from yesterday’s RNC Hispanic Community Center Grand Opening in Suwanee. They had 141 people show up for this!  It was a packed room! I wanted to elaborate a little on some of the folks that spoke there yesterday to help educate our community and encourage more Hispanics to connect with us. ���� ��

�� General John King – Current GA Insurance & Safety Fire Commissioner- first Hispanic statewide official in Georgia’s history. A native of Mexico. Did you know General John King is from Mexico? I didn’t and so many other Hispanics aren’t aware either per my conversation with a few Hispanics at this event.

�� Art Gallegos – Latinos Conservative Organization/ RWH Chaplin. Art led the invocation at this event. Art was also awarded with a Chairman’s Champion Certificate from the RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel at this event.

�� Rey Martinez-GA House District 111 Candidate /Former Loganville Mayor. The first Latino to be elected as Mayor in the state of GA. 25yr Veteran of the US Navy. Born in Puerto Rico to parents of Cuban descent.

�� Jose Perez – Born in Havana, Cuba. Jose is a former member of the State Board of Education representing the 7th Congressional District. Jose was also the GA Speaker of the House’s Nominee, 2019-2021

�� Many may not know that I Sandie Denison am fluent in Spanish. I grew up in Puerto Rico. I come from a long line of Conservative Puerto Ricans. However, most of my family solely votes on Presidential elections only. This year my family in North Carolina voted in their first Primary election ever, mostly due to the pressure I placed on them. Currently doing the same for my FL family for their upcoming Primary election. It will be their first time as well. ��

�� The connections made at yesterday’s event were heaven sent in my opinion, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. I and many Latinos share this feeling. We have work to do, and I am blessed to be a part of it. �� ��

�� Note: We had Hispanic Representation at this event from the following groups; Cobb County Republican Women, Forsyth Republican Women and Hall County Republican Women. ��


Sandie Denison

Republican Women of Hall Publications Chairman/Assistant Treasurer/Social Media

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