What the Republicans Have to Offer by Judy Sartain

In response to a Times “Letter to the Editor”, “What the Republicans Have to Offer”, dated May 18, 2021,
our very own, Judy Sartain, Adoption Attorney, wrote the following letter which was published in part in the
Times June 9-10th Edition.

Kit Walker, in her letter to the Editor dated May 18, 2021, asked the question “What reason do Independents have for voting Republican?”  Putting aside the fears that the current GOP has embraced the commandment “Thou shalt not speak ill of Donald J. Trump”, I submit that the axioms of the truisms of conservative Republicanism are and should be more attractive than ever before, not only to Independents, but also to the moderate Democrat.


We stand today looking at a federal government which is talking out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to their concerns about a virus that killed my husband.  If the President and Congress were truly concerned about the deaths and impacts that Covid-19 brought upon our nation and the world, then our southern border would not have been thrown open to all, not just because President Biden is a “nice guy”, but because the perception around the world and to the citizens of the countries south of the US is that anyone can come, be welcomed, and obtain not only a free education, free healthcare, assistance in housing, etc.  I have no issue with immigration, and neither do conservative Republicans, however, let it be legal immigration – those who have followed the laws to immigrate here legally – for we are a nation of laws.  


Looking deeper into the concept that our nation was founded upon the rule of law, and without that basic concept and a secure border, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic, protecting our citizens, which is the sole duty of the federal government.  The Constitution purposefully limits the power of the federal government, reserving most powers to the individual States.  Over the past 100 years or so, our citizens have become content with the ever-increasing power grab by the federal government.  Where is the Republican Party going, Ms. Walker asks?  Hopefully, we are committed to reversing the trends that have ignored the serious problems that she mentions.  Public service, as she mentions, was once a high calling, but now seems to be reserved only for those who can make the most noise or be the most radical.  The Republican party that can, and should, attract the average constituent (not only in our very conservative 9th Congressional District, but throughout the US) is one wherein I believe many people’s personal convictions lie.  In short, I believe that many people are already, at their core, Republicans but they just don’t realize it. 


How can I make such a shocking statement?  When “man on the street” interviews are held, conversations engaged, or civil discourse (have we lost that ability when the loudest scream gets the most press?), people gravitate to those ideals which Republicans hold dear when the people are not told that they are hearing ideas proposed by the “evil” Republicans.  Personal accountability, responsible leadership, the sanctity of “one person, one vote”, the importance of the nuclear family, fiscal responsibility at the federal level (Georgia already has that at the State level), and the recognition of the fact that, given the chance, States can better decide what is best for their citizens than those within the Beltway, some of whom could not find Georgia on a map.  The distinctions between the Republican party and the Democratic party have never been so clear.  Ms. Walker demands, as she should, government by people of basic character, competence, and good judgment.  


The desire for more than two viable political parties has long been a struggle for people of good conscience, desiring to vote their convictions but also hamstrung by the realization that they cannot “waste their vote”.  I would submit that no vote is wasted when it is cast in good conscience.  You will note, Ms. Walker, that Republicans typically stand for law and order, tempered with criminal justice reform, which was of particular importance to former Governor Nathan Deal (R) of Gainesville, fiscal accountability, individual charitable giving instead of forced taxation for supporting those less fortunate, local accountability for our schools, the belief that the Constitution grants the individual citizens freedoms rather than restricts them, and personal accountability.  


Private enterprise can always accomplish more with less than a government program.  I point you to our local Family Promise, which started out as a passion and dream of a small group of people who decided to make a real difference in our community and is now serving many families and has realized that dream of making a difference.  Look also at Good News at Noon, which began as a soup kitchen ministry and now is a multi-dimensional safety net for the area homeless, unemployed and underemployed.  Food insecurity is real for many of our families, and child abuse and domestic violence along with drug abuse is an evil which has been in the shadows during the pandemic.  Foster care urgent needs for local foster homes and the accompanying need for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), will soon skyrocket because of revealed needs which were hidden during the pandemic.  Again, our local charities supported by the generous people of Hall County seek to fill these needs and many others.  Our community recently lost a great man, Jim Walters, whose quiet hand of community giving resulted in our YMCA and other, less public gifts to our community.  


Ms. Walker, I ask you to support the Republican party not because the Democrats are so bad that there is no choice but to vote Republican, but because the Republican party is the best choice to combat ever increasing inflation, continued unemployment, runaway spending, rampant crime, the disrespect of our nation on the world stage, and the perception of a weaker military which may very well lead to war.  The disorder you observe in “our own house” is public because there are those who do not want you to see the chaos behind the scenes in the Democrat parties’ own “house”.  Hall County has both a GOP club and a Republican Women of Hall which would welcome you, your friends, and all interested parties to attend our meetings where thoughtful, honest discourse is encouraged, and the “big tent” still exists.  

We, the RWH, are very proud of Judy for standing up for the Republicans as we strive to make our Party
the very best! We need more “Judy’s” to “stand up”!
Betty Freeman Fisher
President, Republican Women of Hall
June 17, 2021


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