We seek to empower, educate, and engage women to take part in the political process.

Front row – left to right
Theresa Webb, Betty Freeman Fisher, Pam Hertel, Nikkie Bice-Bey
Second row – left to right
Ron Winkowski, Judy True, Rae Aldridge, Rae Ann Willie, Haley Brown, Darla Eden,
Michael Lipsett
Third row – left to right
Charles Bice-Bey, Angie McClure, Trish Noa


We represent the Republican Women of Hall County, Lumpkin County and other nearby counties that want to be a part of the Republican Movement.

Republican Women where brilliant minds come together, net working, sharing ideas, developing friendships, moving to the future.


The Republican Women of Hall (RWH) from time to time have members or women in the community or elsewhere who have supported us and/or our causes.  These women deserve to be in the “Spotlight”.
For that reason, we, RWH, have developed a “Spotlight” for just such occasions on our web site landing page. We want to honor these women for their words, deeds, accomplishments, for being Republican Women of statue, intelligence, professionalism, and just being a “good woman, mother, friend”!
We have such a case now! 
Judy Sartain, Adoptive Attorney, sworn in 1995, this year begins her 27th year of practice.   To date, she has placed over 850 adopted children in caring homes.  Through Judy’s legal skills, determination, and knowledge of the law, she has made these children members of families who wanted them to cherish and love as their own.  From pre-birth to 17 years of age, Judy has helped them all find a home.
Adoption is Judy’s “passion”, and we, the Republican Women of Hall County, love her, and want to honor her in this way by putting her in the first ever, “Spotlight”!  
Thank you, Judy, for all you do as an Adoptive Attorney and your membership and support of Republican Women of Hall.
Betty Freeman Fisher
President, Republican Women of Hall County


We, Republican Women of Hall (RWH), have had a great two years, 2020 and 2021. We have tripled in size, approaching 100 members, only need four more new members to join!  We have had “Rallies”, Trump Bus, Trump Bikers, Sarah Palin, Louie Gomert, and many more.  Meetings every month, sometimes three in one month to accommodate the Speakers.  We have had strictly the “A” candidates in all categories:
Vernon Jones, Kandiss Taylor, David Belle Isle, Jody Hice, Andrew Clyde, Gary Black, Kelvin King, Butch Miller, Greater Georgia/Kelly Loeffler, local, Sheriff Gerald Couch, Councilman Jeff Stowe, Tax Commissioner, Darla Eden, Political Advocate and Radio Talk Show Host, Martha Zoller, and then there were the “Judges” of Hall County.
Who would have ever known they would be such a “big hit”!  Maybe we can get them back next year.
We have watched elections together, and cried together.  We have toasted friends, and supported friends in times of loss.  Yes, we have lost some friends, members of RWH, David True, Bettye Chambers, and Mike Hearn, All three are missed tremendously, and will not be forgotten. In their name, and the name of our families, friends, children, grandchildren, we must move on, move forward, unite the Republican Party, Republican Women and the GOP, across the state. Next year, 2022, is our year to take back Congress and in 2024 take back the Presidency.
Together, we can do this!  Together, we can get out and “Knock on Doors”, Together, we can attend meetings, rally’s, Together, we can make the State of Georgia so RED, THE “DEMS” WON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!  Let’s show them how we stand together, forget the Dominion Machines, overwhelm them with our votes, there won’t be a question who is the winner – ALL OF THE REPUBLICANS! AND US!!!
Betty Freeman Fisher
President, Republican Women of Hall

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