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Possible Awards that will be awarded in December 2024

Woman of the Year

To honor the woman who has made the most outstanding contribution to the Republican Party through her work in this organization and in the Party.

Bettye Chambers Award

To honor Bettye Chambers, a charter member of the Republican Women of Hall and to honor a member who best exemplifies the Republican philosophy of her long, faithful and unquestionable service to both the Republican Women of Hall and the Republican Party.

The Wheel Volunteer Award

An award given to a new RWH member who has become the most involved in the first 2 years of becoming a RWH voting member.

The Eagle Award

To honor a member who has held elected office in the award year representing the citizens of Hall County. The elected official should be selected for best exemplifying the Republican philosophy by strong leadership in their official capacity; for unquestioned support of the RWH, and for outstanding service to the citizens of Hall County.

The Leadership Award

To honor a RWH woman who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, deep devotion and dedication to RWH, GFRW, and the community.

The President's Award

An award chosen only by the President for a special person who has demonstrated supportive action throughout the year(s).  Not only to the President, but to the club, in every manner, intellectually, and physically.  A person the President can turn to at any time, trust to give the office an open and honest opinion.  The opinion/support, may be of materials, suggested events, changes which occur by people, other Clubs (GOP, county, state, nationally, and/or RWH, GFRW, NFRW, etc.) while at the same time being a protective sounding board in times of discernment.