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We are Republican Women of Hall

We are a member of the National Federation and the Georgia Federation of Republican Women.

NFRW is the largest women’s partisan political organization in the country.  Founded in 1938, the National Federation of Republican Women is a national grassroots political organization composed of 1,400 local clubs and tens of thousands of members throughout the United States. NFRW recruits, educates, trains, supports and elects Republicans. The organization concentrates its efforts in the areas of education, communications, legislative action, candidate recruitment, campaigning, and fundraising. In the NFRW, all state federations and local clubs are organized along similar principles. Consequently, the duties and responsibilities of officers are similar at the state and local levels.

GFRW is an educational and training arm supporting the State Republican Party. The organization brings an invaluable reservoir of trained women to all Republican endeavors. The mission of “Educate, Empower, and Elect” drives activities of the organization and the federated clubs throughout Georgia.

Our goal is to grow the Republican Party at all levels of government.  All women who support the Republican Philosophy are encouraged to become members. All Republican men are encouraged to become associate members.


Welcome to the Republican Women of Hall (RWH). 

On August 12, 2023, we celebrate the August 2013 organization of our club aimed at providing members with opportunities to be politically active and to ensure those who follow us will have the same freedoms and rights we enjoy. 

Membership in the Republican Women of Hall automatically carries with it membership in the National Federation of Republican Women and the Georgia Federation of Republican Women. Together we form one of the largest volunteer organizations in the nation.

As a member, you are encouraged to be politically active by becoming involved in the GOP convention process, working on campaigns, fundraising, and attending political events. We host informative programs and forums to educate our membership and the public, and we support the GOP to elect qualified candidates to office. 

RWH meets on a regular basis and provides informative programs.  Membership in the club provides fellowship and opportunities to become acquainted with people holding similar interests and beliefs. 

Together, we can make a positive difference in our communities.

Organizing the Club

Organizing. July 8, 2013, Bettye Chambers, Judy True, and Theresa Webb met for breakfast at Loretta’s Restaurant in Oakwood GA, and identified a cadre of women needed to start a nationally federated club for Republican Women in the Hall County area.  Bettye was a long-standing member of the Gwinnett Republican Women, Judy was Vice President of the GFRW Federation of Republican Women, and Theresa was Recording Secretary of the Hall County GOP. 

The first general meeting to organize the club was held on July 31, 2013. Martha Zoller (presiding) was elected president of the officers installed to serve through the remainder of 2013, officers being:

  • President: Martha Zoller
  • Vice President: Lauren Bell
  • Corresponding Secretary: Tressa Rawlinson
  • Communication Secretary: Bettye Chambers
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Yarborough
  • Membership Chairman: Theresa Webb
  • Bylaws Chairman: Judy True

The official Order of Business included:

  • Defining the geographic area of the club (Hall County) 
  • Naming the club (“Republican Women of Hall”)
  • Wording the mission of the organization
  • Determining the amount for dues
  • Discussing means of communication, meeting arrangements, and a projected schedule.

Founding Members.  At the September 6, 2013 general meeting, dues were first received, and ladies identified as “founding members” were:   

  • Lauren Bell
  • Bettye Chambers
  • Tressa Rawlinson
  • Emmie Schillhahn
  • Judy True
  • Theresa Webb
  • Rebecca Yarborough
  • Martha Zoller
  • J’Net Vierra

The Club Is Chartered

Charter Members.  The following members having paid dues by the time the charter was presented were designated as “charter members” of the Republican Women of Hall. 

  • Lauren Bell
  • Diana Bradley
  • Astrid Breakfield
  • Elizabeth Burgess
  • Bettye Chambers
  • Sandra Deal (Honored Member and
  • Wife of Governor of Georgia)
  • Lou Durden
  • Patricia Falk
  • Stacy Hall
  • Lois Linzmaier
  • Judy Mecum
  • Connie Propes
  • Tressa Rawlinson
  • Joan Scales
  • Emmie Schillhahn
  • Cynthia Scott
  • Judy True
  • Vierra J’Net
  • Patty Walters Laine
  • Theresa Webb
  • Stephanie Woodard
  • Rebecca Yarborough Yardley
  • Martha Zoller

Republican Women of Hall Receive Charter

Republican Women of Hall received their Charter from the National Federation of Republican Women. The charter was presented by President Rose Wing of the Georgia Federation of Republican Women.

Photograph above: Left: GFRW President Rose Wing with RWH President Martha Zoller, Right: Sandra Deal and Martha Zoller