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What’s Happening in our Schools!

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List of trending books and programs with brief descriptions from their websites:

  • Tuttle Twins
    • The Tuttle Twins’ Books Introduces Important Ideas That Schools Don't Teach. Teach Students the Values Of A Free Society—Ideas That Support Your Family Values. Award-Winning Books.
  • Ben Carson's Little Patriots 
    • Little Patriots is a FREE online learning platform that helps you teach kids K-5 American History, Civics, Lessons, and our nation's values at home, in the classroom, or on the go.
  • Heroes of Liberty American Values - One story at a time. – Heroes Of Liberty
    • We got into books because we couldn’t find the books that we were raised on: entertaining, engaging, story-driven, visually stunning, and -no less crucial- full of love and admiration and the American values which made this country great. After a long creative journey, we successfully crafted a series of children’s books designed to bring magic, joy, and laughter back to your child’s bedtime.
  • PragerU Kids
    • Join a powerful community of educators & parents who are standing up for American values. Join thousands of Pro-American educators & parents & stand up for your kids' education.
  • Generation Joshua
    • The Vision of Generation Joshua is to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow. To accomplish these goals, Generation Joshua provides training opportunities for teenagers. Our goal is to use these opportunities to challenge teens to stand up for what is right, to grow in their own beliefs, and to learn about how they can make a difference in their communities and nation.
  • Ellis the Elephant Series -
    • Newt Gingrich's wife Callista published a series of Books for younger children.
  • Hillsdale College Free Online Courses - Hillsdale College Online Courses
    • Explore the true meaning of America in “Constitution 101”. Once you go to this link, click on the “Courses” tab on the top to see the list of such well-produced and impressive free online courses.
  • Brave Books - Children's Books You Can Trust – Brave Books
    • You may have heard about Brave Books recently with Kirk Cameron making headlines by offering Story Hour at various Public libraries throughout the country. Check out the books on their website!

Definitions For Programs Schools are Teaching


While most people believe the narrative of oppression as a tactic of ideological indoctrination has no place in the neutral field of childhood education, the public schooling establishment seems to have missed the memo.

Simply put, instruction in Critical Race Theory as presented in the Black Lives Matter curriculum and the 1619 Project pushes American students down the road of hate. These poisonous classroom lessons immediately hook youth who are looking for meaning. The CRT revisionist telling of America’s history churns out angry activists who are eager to lead the effort to accomplish “social justice.” The twisting of true history causes students to feel unequal and undervalued and then points them to the “oppressor” as a target.

The false narrative of CRT does not educate children, rather it weaponizes them.


National Sexuality Education Standards, Second Edition 2020 – Adopted by all schools, but not approved by our government. Written by organizations with a radical anti-family view. Learn more at

Program Description: National Sexuality Education Standards, 2nd Edition were published by The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative, a partnership between Advocates for Youth, Answer, and the SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change. All three organizations are intricately intertwined with Planned Parenthood, and these standards contain the most radical views available on children and sexuality. The second edition has been “infused with principles of reproductive justice, racial justice, social justice, and equity” and calls for significant discussions on race, privilege, power, and systemic racism and homophobia. These updated standards include significant changes like new topics of consent, sexual orientation and gender identity. They also contain more subtle changes like the mention of sex toys used for intercourse. They teach children 4-6 masturbation, condom use for children under 9, and how to experience sexual pleasure with graphic and explicit details.
The national standards were reviewed by officials from GLSEN, Gender Spectrum, Teaching Tolerance (A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center), Women of Color Sexual Health Network, and American Sexual Health Association. They are endorsed by GLSEN, Gender Spectrum, Sex Education Collaborative, Human Rights Campaign, and Center for Human Sexuality Studies, among others.


“It’s one thing to direct your own moral, ethical, and emotional development or that of your children,” said Jane Robbins, co-author of “Social-Emotional Learning: K-12 Education as New-Age Nanny State.” “But having a government vendor or unqualified public-school officials implement an SEL curriculum based on coffee-table psychology is quite another.”

SEL is designed to change students’ values, beliefs and behaviors. Teachers conduct assessments of children’s emotional and social development, a task for which they are not trained or qualified, using assessment tools unsupported by underlying research. SEL assessments are included in children’s permanent school records, with uncertain privacy safeguards. SEL curricula, resources, and assessments may touch on private or sensitive matters without parental notice or consent.

Jane Robbins is an attorney and a retired senior fellow with the American Principles Project in Washington DC. She is a graduate of Clemson University and the Harvard Law School. She is an author, speaker, lobbyist, and researcher.

What’s wrong with schools’ teaching SEL with K-12 SEL standards?

  • Will place added burdens on teachers and reduce classroom instruction time.
  • Inevitably delves into, and may seek to change, student and family values.
  • Will necessitate breach of student and family privacy.
  • Is highly subjective, especially with young children, and will result in unreliable assessments and inappropriate “remediation”.
  • Even SEL proponents oppose rating schools with SEL measures
  • Will result in inclusion of this unreliable data in the student’s eternal digital records, thus risking exposure to breaches and misuse of the data in future years.
  • Will be carried out by inadequately trained personnel.
  • Do parents know about all that’s being implemented and taught, is there an opt out provision?
  • What other questions should be asked about SEL?
  • Whose standards or criteria will be used to decide what the right answers are for SEL questions?
  • Will parents have access to the assessments?
  • How will the state measure a bias of a child?
  • What behavior is “appropriate” and to what degree?
  • How will a child be remediated?
  • Will a child have to be referred for a mental-health diagnosis if he fails any assessment?
  • How much will it cost to implement SEL standards statewide? Where will the funding come from?

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