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Benefits of Membership

★ Networking with like-minded women.

★ Monthly meetings with informative and educational programs.

★ Becoming active in our community and positively impacting the community and country.

★ Working with local, state and national Republican women and men.

★ Working with  Republican Party leaders.

★ Automatic member of the GFRW (Georgia Federation of Republican Women), and the NFRW

    (National Federation of Republican Women).

★ Newsletter and information from local club, state and national federations.

★ Access to training in leadership, working on campaigns and opportunities for involvement.

★ Enjoying  Socials, Movies and other fun events

Will you join RWH?  RWH 2024 Membership

It's FAST & Easy!  Submit your application by either printing the PDF form OR completing the process online.


Print 2024 Membership Application/Renewal PDF

**You can also apply by mail or in person by clicking on the "Print 2024 Membership Application/Renewal PDF" button above to download and print the PDF form. Complete the form, then you can either mail the application or bring the completed form to the membership table set up at each meeting.  Upon acceptance to membership, you will be sent a welcome letter and a dues invoice to pay by credit card or pay in person at an RWH meeting.

Online Membership Application / Renewal

PLEASE ONLY FILL OUT THE APPLICATION ONCE!! If you have issues then contact us directly at instead of filling out another application. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of RWH!

2024 Membership Application

Please complete only the appropriate column:

  • Fill in column #1 for Active Member
  • Column #2 for Associate Member
  • Column #3 for Student Member

ANNUAL DUES ARE FOR JANUARY 1, 2024 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2024.  Payment for dues is collected after submitting this membership application.



Open to any woman who upholds the objectives of RWH, and WHO DOES NOT hold Active membership in another Federated Republican women's club.  Includes full voting rights, the opportunity to hold office, and membership in GFRW and NFRW.



Open to any woman who upholds the objectives of RWH,  and who holds a current Active membership in another Federated club,  Open to any man who upholds the objectives of RWH.  Associates may not vote nor hold office.




Open to any student, up to and including age 24. College students must show College ID. Student Associates may not vote nor hold office.

Home Address

Application Information

Active & Associate Member Information

The following information is needed for Active and Associate Memberships only.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please check your volunteer interests.

Please note: Photography: RWH's photographer takes random pictures at all events which may be used in RWH media. RWH media may include our website, newsletter, programs, scrapbook, Facebook, videotaping, etc.

By signing this form, you are giving permission for RWH  to contact you by email, text and phone.

By submitting this form, you are applying for membership to RWH. Once accepted, you will be sent a welcome letter and an invoice for our yearly dues.  Member Refunds, Exchange or applicable Warranty Policies, are not permissible per the RWH By Laws.  However, Membership can be cancelled at any time upon request. Dues are payable each year by January 2, and considered delinquent if not received by March 1.

                                      Republican WOmen of Hall  P.O. Box  907683  Gainesville, GA. 30501