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Caring for America

National Federation of Republican Women

Caring for America

The purpose of the NFRW and GFRW Caring for America program is to change lives and show we care about our community by being a giving and loving organization and proving we can make a difference. Be creative, think of new ways to help our community, and share your ideas.

The Republican Women of Hall agree that relationships are best built among people by reaching out with kindness, generosity, and compassion to those in our community who are either in need or in some way disenfranchised.

Our Caring for America Program has several goals:

  • To support our members and to bind close relationships by reaching out on a one-to-one basis when members are in need.
  • To educate our members and again, bind together, in our political beliefs, supporting the Republican Party in our programs, our voice, and our actions.
  • To develop meaningful, personal relationships with our Hispanic community through personal presence, education, and support through various activities and tragic circumstances.

Charlene DeWitt
Chairman: Caring for America Program.

Caring for Another Program

The members of the Republican Women of Hall are a community within a larger community. Building support and friendship among our membership are goals of the RWH Caring for America committee. Reaching out to people in Hall County who are in need is a demonstrable way to show we care.

For our members:

Do you need equipment, transportation, or companionship following an accident or illness? We are here to connect you with other members who will respond. Need a wheelchair, a shower chair, or a walker? You can borrow items from another RWH member. We will announce your need and put you in touch with someone who can help.

Are you able to lend a hand occasionally:

  • Driving
  • Shopping
  • Sending get-well or sympathy cards
  • Visiting, or calling a member in need
  • Or by lending equipment that you aren’t using

That’s how we care for each other.

For our community:

Here are some other ways you can care for another in our community by joining:

  • Writing thank you letters to Hall County first responders, firefighters, policemen
  • Responding to tragic emergencies with blankets, coats, food
  • Person-to-person outreach to our Hispanic community
  • Teaching English to adults and children who come from another country
  • Making knit, crocheted, or fleece-tied blankets for newborns, children, and/or elderly in nursing homes

Notify the Caring for America committee if you have a need, know someone in need, or volunteer to help another member.

By our acts of kindness and generosity, we will be known.

Charlene DeWitt, Chairperson

Caring for America/Caring for Another

Contact Charlene by emailing: