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President – Betty Freeman Fisher

First, let me take this moment to “Thank You” for your support and loyalty to the Republican Women of Hall County (RWH) in the past.

We have had many success stories in the past three years, including being named a “Diamond Club” at the National Federation of Republican Women Bicentennial in Orlando, in September 2021, the highest award you can receive in Republican Women. We had the honor of all tier-one Candidates speaking at our meetings in 2022. RWH is the only club that has two meetings each month, Saturday morning and Monday night. We hosted The Forum, the first time ever in North Georgia, on April 2, 2022, at the Gainesville Civic Center. We leased the entire building. The Forum was jointly produced with seven GOP Clubs, and the Forsyth County Republican Women. It achieved what it was designed to do: 42 candidates under one roof and 1,000 cars parked averaging 2 people per car equaling 2,000 attendees. We consider that a win under anyone’s terms! Not only a win in attendance but also the first time ever Republican Women Clubs worked with numerous GOP Clubs around the state.

The Republican Women of Hall have many plans to “get out the vote” for the November 5, 2024, elections. In order to do this, we plan to invite persons of knowledge and experience to our meetings for direction.

The Republican Women of Hall will celebrate our “10th” Year Anniversary, on August 12, 2023. Please mark your calendars now and plan to be with us for this momentous occasion.

Betty Freeman Fisher,
President, Republican Women of Hall

Executive Committee

  • President - Betty Freeman Fisher    
  • Vice President - Sandie Denison 
  • Recording Secretary - Maribeth Kennedy 
  • Communications Secretary - Gail Kokaly 
  • Treasurer - Judy Sartain
  • Assistant Treasurer – Patty McIntosh-Mize
  • Membership Chairwoman – Marsha Dickey
  • Bylaws Chair - Dottie Krull
  • Immediate Past President - Theresa Webb

Members of the Board:  Officers and Standing Committee Chairs

  • President - Betty Fisher
  • Vice President - Sandie Denison
  • Recording Secretary - Maribeth Kennedy
  • Communications Secretary - Gail Kokaly
  • Treasurer - Judy Sartain
  • Assistant Treasurer - Patty McIntosh-Mize
  • Membership Chairwoman - Marsha Dickey
  • Bylaws Chair - Dottie Krull
  • Immediate Past President - Theresa Webb
  • Hospitality/Social Event - Daphne Miller, Martha Ramsey
  • Caring for America - Charlene DeWitt, Daphne Miller
  • Fundraising - Martha Zoller, Debbie Roseberry-Odom
  • Events – Debbie Loveless
  • Campaign Activities - Open
  • Publicity - Open
  • Communications Website - Marsha Dickey, Sandie Denison, Maribeth Kennedy
  • Publications - Cheryl Thompson
  • Advocacy - Open
  • Video Promotions - Open
  • Hispanic Outreach - Carli Eli
  • Historian – Judy True
  • Advisory Board - Debbie Roseberry-Odom, Darla Eden, Judy Sartain - Advisory Board
  • Education -  Martha Ramsey (Banks), Deb Loveless (Jackson) Betty Fisher (Lumpkin & Hall)
  • Parliamentarian (nonvoting) – Dottie Krull    Chaplain(nonvoting) – Cheryl Thompson